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Hey... I guess this introduction is way beyond late ehhehe, I'm Destine this is my blog. I honestly just post what ever I think is funny, cute, or just plain awesome. I'm 18 (hell yeah) so that means it's pretty much everything. I will eventually post some of my drawings or give advice if you need. Some say I'm pretty wise for my age, so I think you can trust me. My box is open so...


More than 4,000 Africans have died from Ebola and the crisis is continuing to escalate, grow and spiral out of control, displacing tens of thousands, killing entire families and instilling fear into the day to day lives of millions of people in West Africa and all white people care about is their fucking chocolate. Fuck Bill Tomson (@BillTomson4 on Twitter), white liberals and Politico (@Politico on Twitter) for this disgusting, racist trash.



Thank you for letting me be fully clothed instead of being in a bikini and a cape, looking like a slut

I don’t know what kind of beach your “fully clothed” musty ass goes to take your monthly showers sis but around these parts, most women wear bikinis to beaches [like Bey in this gif] and there is nothing “slutty” about that. I’ll end the lashing here for your sake. I don’t do walk-in appointments.